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sports law

Sports law opens up a field of activity whose economic, tax and labor law importance in sports clubs, associations and companies is increasing sharply and requires professional legal support. In the environment of everyday club and association life, athletes and managers inevitably have to answer questions from the diverse areas of sports and event law.

Current problems of doping and drug abuse, sports manipulation and sports industry criminal law are also recorded. In addition to out-of-court advice and the enforcement of interests, we are also happy to take on legal representation before association and association jurisdiction, arbitration jurisdiction and state jurisdiction. Thanks to our special experience and contacts, we often take on the advice of athletes, especially footballers, and support them in all legal and everyday issues.


Our activities focus on:

  • Contract law and drafting

  • Liability

  • Club and association law

  • tax law

  • bankruptcy law

  • project financing

  • competition rules

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