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Operational history


The law firm Galligani opened its doors in Schöftland in 1994. At that time, the owner Stefan Galligani was able to take over an office that had already been in operation for two years in Schöftland. At that time, the office was located at Picardiestrasse 2 in Schöftland.

After about six months he hired his first secretary with a 60% workload. Two years later, Elsbeth Ferguson was hired, who still works in the office today as a businesswoman and vocational trainer.

From the beginning, family law, social security law, liability law and criminal law have been the main fields of activity of the office.

From 2005 lawyers were hired again and again. From 2007, Mr. Galligani attended intensive training courses. He had also completed three CAS degrees. In 2007 he had also graduated from the Social Security Specialist.


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