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family law

We are at your disposal for all questions of family law. When it comes to separation or divorce, there are a number of consequences and implications to consider. We will help you to arrange your family affairs quickly and with the least possible burden on you and to clarify the issues related to them. We offer the following services:

  • Provisional agreements in matrimonial law, marriage contracts, agreements on the consequences of divorce

  • Divorce and ancillary matters (pension equalization, gain equalization, etc.)

  • Rights and duties between parents and children (parental custody, contact)

  • Maintenance for children, adults, spouses during the separation period and after marriage, single parents

  • Property disputes, immediate securing of property claims in the separation process, also mediating

  • International family law, international private law, application of law in cases involving foreign countries at national and international level

  • Compensation claims, e.g. for joint debts, real estate loans, real estate division, monetary compensation

  • Equalization of accrued gains, equalization of the assets acquired by the parties involved in the marriage (marital property law)

We also offer mediation.

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