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Rights and obligations in the event of unemployment


Have you become unemployed and have you already reported this to your community or the regional employment center (RAV)? These are your rights and obligations if you are unemployed.

rights of an unemployed person

  • Make sure that the notice period agreed in the employment contract has been observed. If there is no written employment contract and no collective employment contract, the notice period is regulated by the Swiss Code of Obligations. It is​

    • 1 month in the first year of service (at the end of a month),

    • 2 months from the 2nd to the 9th year of service (at the end of a month),

    • 3 months from the 10th year of service (to the end of a month).

    • 7 days during the trial period (at the end of any day),


  • There is protection against dismissal for periods of military service, community service or civil defence, in the event of illness, accident and pregnancy.

  • Ask your employer for a job reference.

  • Advice and mediation by RAV employees.

  • Unemployment benefit: Compensation for the loss of earnings suffered by a person who is employed. How long someone receives unemployment benefit depends on the age of the person, the maintenance obligation and the contributions made.

  • The self-employed are not insured against unemployment.


Unemployment benefit: entitlement, requirements, payment, amount


The comprehensive FAQ ofwork.swissanswers questions like:

  • How much is my daily allowance?

  • How long do I have to have worked to be insured?

  • After how many days will I be entitled to unemployment benefits?

  • What about my entitlement after a career break to raise my children?

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